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"Action is the product of the qualities inherent in nature" the Golden words of Bhagavad Gita inspired me and helps to Learn the ethics behind choosing my Profession.Nature is changing right before our eyes, through my work,I am committed to bearing witness to these changes just as I have been since the start of my career in this field of Civil Engineer ( Architectural & vastu Based Designing ) and Professional Stock Photography .I Never consider my attitude of choosing creative Challenging works as a big task and that helps to learn a lot to implement my ideas to convert reaching maximum output.


Civil Engineer ( Licensed Civil Engineer [Engineer A State Licencee] / Architectural / Vastu Designing )


Enjoy providing an intelligent approach to each of my clients, resulting in unique and innovative designs joining Vastu with modern architectural Style Building practice. My vision is to hold real legacy captivating advanced works of art,Space,Structure and to join them with innovation.Service of my father to the public as a government civil engineer energizes me to the field of engineering. After Btech in Civil Engineering (2004 to 2008) from Kerala University, Polish my Skills of drawing by acquiring different Software’s certification. Working with famous Architects for a long duration in the beginning stage mould me to the world of contemporary Style architecture. Learned designs with different styles, from postmodernism and high-tech architecture to highly conceptual and expressive styles, resembling theme on an enormous scale. Blessed to meet expert Vastu Guru’s, Challenging learning time again with opportunity to works together sharpen design ideologies of bringing Vastu based measurements ,concepts and rules to stylish architecture. Presently am glad to present Precision oriented Successful designs with supporting working drawings helps several dream projects (Most Modern houses, Budget homes, Various commercial Projects including shops to Shopping complex, Hospitals, Institutions etc) to surface reality. Always welcome my clients who need my service of Architectural design with combination of Lucky Vastu measurements with Peaceful stable structure.


Professional Photographer ( International Stock Photography )


After 9 years of experience in Professional Photography and past 10 years of experience in stock photographic field, looking back I enjoyed my professional aspects and freedom to move around the world ,which open a wide view of new targets to achieve.Even in my Proficient in Handling Various types of assignments, concentrate in my field of Nature/ Landscape/ News/ Fine Arts/ Architectural/ travel Photography to focus and explore my field of perfection.I enjoyed the elegance of nature and at the same time I remember the social responsibility and Impacts of News Photography.Expressing my grateful to the ALMIGHTY,my supreme guide for his Blessings and am thankful to my great family,friends and Photographic clients for the support to hold me in the field of Professional Photography along with my main streem Engineering field.I hope my works not only touches the human spirit, but shifts perception of humanity's relationship to the natural environment,vital to sustainable living on a finite planet.


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